NEWS 8/26/2013

Big news! In October I fly out to Denver to join Distant Correspondent as a guest vocalist for their album release tour. I am at a serious loss for words to describe just how excited I am about this really unique opportunity. Can’t wait to see you out there on the road!

10/23, Denver, CO: Walnut Room
10/24, Lincoln, NE: TBA
10/25, Iowa City, IA: Gabe’s Iowa City w/ Limbs, FireSale, HomeGrown
10/26, Chicago, IL: Galerie F
10/27, Columbus, OH: Tree Bar
10/28, Nashville, TN: Springwater Supper Club w/ Josephine and the Wildfront, Elk
10/29, Athens, GA: TBA w/ Blue Blood
10/30, Columbia, SC: New Brookland Tavern w/ The Unawares
10/31, Washington, DC: TBA
11/01, Brooklyn, NY: Union Pool w/ Azar Swan, Dinowalrus, Gabe Levine (of Takka Takka)
11/02, Philadelphia, PA: Kung Fu Necktie w/ Dinowalrus
11/03, Pittsburgh, PA: Howler’s Coyote Cafe w/ Silver Thread
11/04, Cincinnati, OH: Mayday Northside w/ Mack West, Margaret Darling
11/05, St. Louis, MO: Firebird
11/06, Tulsa, OK: Soundpony w/ The Gold Magnolias
11/09, Denver, CO: Hi-Dive w/ Inner Oceans, Miss Americas

NEWS 6/28/2013

It’s easy—what with so much life always happening—to forget to check in consistently, often, or at all. In the time since my last post, my ribs healed, I read The Chronicles of Narnia almost in chronological order, I started a vinyl night with a friend from Salina Underground, I decided to plan a walk across the country, I learned that purslane is edible, my band broke up, and I created 25 new works for my first solo art show in over a decade.

Ahead of my upcoming set at Bunbury, I did an interview with Crystal of I hope you will enjoy reading it; here is the link: Continue reading

NEWS 8/6/2012

Hello everyone. Three weeks ago tomorrow night I was in a car accident with my friend Jason. We are both banged up but on the mend. Many of you have been sending me the most awesome well-wishes in the post, via email, and through our social media accounts. Thank you very much for all the awesome, positive support. In another three weeks I should be back to 100%.

Jason, who was driving at the time, lost a ton of gear in the crash and got stuck with the bill. He’s presently trying to raise money so that he can still release his next for algernon record on time. Please consider contributing to his Kickstarter campaign:

Read more here:
For Algernon Leader Restarts Album Project
Serious car accident involving two local musicians puts one’s new record back to square one

—Mike Breen, CityBeat

Help for algernon Fund Their Next Album . . . and Get a Song Written Just for You
—Jonathan Goolsby


NEWS 5/23/2012

While The Seedy Seeds were on tour with The Winter Sounds this Spring, we were graciously hosted by the kind folks at Off The Avenue. TSS recorded a version of Ethel, and we joined TWS for a Neutral Milk Hotel cover!

The Seedy Seeds “Ethel” | OFF THE AVENUE E78

The Seedy Seeds and The Winter Sounds “King of Carrot Flowers Pt.1″ | OFF THE AVENUE E80

NEWS 4/30/2012

If you haven’t heard the word, The Seedy Seeds‘ tourmates The Winter Sounds have been fighting a seemingly Sisyphean battle with their van—a struggle which has no doubt pushed the band to the brink of where sanity tumbles into the unstable unknown (read the saga here: #StrandedInFrederick). TSS has recorded a demo on the fly (available for download through 5/2) in the hopes of raising some additional funds to help our friends route back to our tour that passed them by (more). If you are in a particularly generous mood, please consider helping out:

Echo track artwork

The American Dream, tour van of The Winter Sounds.

In other news, I’ve added a new date with Billy Wallace at Pike Street Lounge. Be there with us June 4.

NEWS 3/26/2012

Jason Wells and I will be talking about our GRAINS project on Salina Underground tonight. Tune in to WVQC at 7PM to catch the whole dang thing.

NEWS 2/10/2012

Earlier in the week, The Seedy Seeds premiered a new music video on BUZZGRINDER. All the credits are owed to the brother/sister duo Team Kolendo. If you like it, please share the shit out of it with everyone you know—even folks you don’t much care for!

click here to read the BUZZGRINDER piece

NEWS 2/06/2012

Curated Words from Eurodorable Recordings on Vimeo.

we put up a new video of me performing Curated Words. Cam, Billy and I will be playing this song among others on 2/8 at MOTR Pub when we open for Cheyenne Marie Mize.

NEWS 1/23/2012

TSS on Let's Get Serious Episode 027

photo credit: Kendall Bruns

I’m back from some dates on the road with The Seedy Seeds! Some of the cool stuff we did this time around besides playing our songs in music clubs included performing on the first ever episode of UC’s Queen City Sessions (Bearcast’s new video and music enterprise), doing an on-air with Fearless Kris on Fearless Radio, recording a “Let’s Get Serious” podcast with Kendall Bruns, and catching a little bit of Kool Keith’s set at Reggies Rock Club.

Next on the agenda is preparing for a couple of local shows: 1/31 at Sitwell’s and 2/8 at MOTR Pub, and working on some film scoring.

My good friend and collaborator Jason Wells of for algernon will be joining me Tuesday, 31 January at Sitwell’s Coffee House as we perform in support of Ohio House of Representatives candidate Luke Brockmeier.

And if you can’t make the political rally, I hope you’ll join me at MOTR Pub on Wednesday, 8 February. The band and I open for my very, very talented friend Cheyenne Marie Mize. And when I say band, what I mean to say is I am more excited than excited to announce I’ll be flanked by Billy Wallace on ukelele, mandolin, guitar and more, fellow Seed Mike Ingram on percussion, and Pop Empire’s Cameron Cochran on pedal steel!

And lastly: I’m composing music for a film. The material I’m writing is instrumental, and very different from anything I do with The Seedy Seeds and from my solo stuff. It’s a very rewarding exercise; I will definitely write more updates as I get further along in the process.

NEWS 1/4/2012

Happy New Year!

Billy and I are back in town safe and sound. Thank you to everyone who gave us such wonderful support while we were on the road!!

I have added new dates to my upcoming performance schedule; the first occurs tomorrow, so update your calendar and get ready to party (Mike Ingram will be performing with me!). Be sure to mark Feb 8 as well, I’ll take the stage with the full band when we open for Cheyenne Marie Mize at MOTR Pub!

In between the usual busyness with The Seedy Seeds, I’m carrying on my efforts in refining all my material for my first ever solo record. I’ll continue to post updates when newsworthy progress is made…